Configure Weblogic Instance

In order to automatically start weblogic server we have to set user parameters in file as it is shown below: Creating a Boot Identity File for Easier Server Start Up 1. Stop weblogic server: $ ./ 2. cd /opt/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/base_domain/servers/AdminServer 3. mkdir security ; cd security 4. vi username=$username password=§password 5. cd /opt/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin 6. … Continue reading Configure Weblogic Instance


Install and manage Docker registry. Part 2

Second part is dedicated to initialization the basic authentication for our registry. Before starting please stop and erase current registry container. [root@docker ~]# docker stop registry registry [root@docker ~]# docker rm registry registry [root@docker ~]# 1. Create a shared directory [root@docker ~]# mkdir -p /opt/shared-dirs/registry/auth [root@docker ~]# 2. Using a container we have to initialize … Continue reading Install and manage Docker registry. Part 2