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Basic hadoop configuration files

$ cd $HADOOP_HOME/etc/hadoop Edit core-site.xml <configuration> <property> <name></name> <value>hdfs://localhost:9000</value> </property> </configuration> Edit hdfs-site.xml <configuration> <property> <name>dfs.replication</name> <value>1</value> </property> <property> <name></name> <value>file:///home/hadoop/hadoopdata/hdfs/namenode</value> </property> <property> <name></name> <value>file:///home/hadoop/hadoopdata/hdfs/datanode</value> </property> </configuration> Edit mapred-site.xml <configuration> <property> <name></name> <value>yarn</value> </property> </configuration>   Edit yarn-site.xml <configuration> <property> … Continue reading

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Creating first and simple table in HBase

A new HBase table is able to create using HBase shell or Java API. Create table in HBase:  =>  create ‘tablename’, {NAME => ‘columnname’}   ================ ! Here we are creating table and specifying the name of table and defining … Continue reading

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